Sports and General Medicine
Remedial Massage Therapy


Hot/Cold Packs

Heat Packs
These can be used as both heat packs and cold packs. Heat them in the microwave or keep them in the freezer. Wheat Bags are ideal for home use and are suitable for ages 3 years plus. Wheat bags are great for easing that backache or neck ache you may have.
Sitting at the computer?
Just heat one and pop it behind your back while you work. Add an extender belt and wear the contoured bag in many different ways.
Ice Packs
Ice mate is a re-usable ice bag with a neoprene compression wrap. Most acute or traumatic injuries to joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments cause bleeding, swelling and pain. Ice treatment should be commenced as soon as possible so that healing can begin. Simply fill with ice and apply following the enclosed guidelines.

Treatment Aids

ITB Rollers
Ideal for stretching, foam rollers can help improve stability and flexibility and is great for promoting stabilisation, core strength and balance training.
Lumbar Rolls
Supports the lower back and helps maintain good posture.
Pocket Physio
The Pocket Physio is a simple inexpensive tool to release muscle tension. "Trigger points' are specific areas within muscles that cause increased muscle tightness and occasionally referred pain. This is an effective way to prevent further muscle and the possibility of injury
Posture Pro
The posture Pro is a simple tool designed to help relieve the symptoms of back pain caused by muscle tightness or poor posture. It can be used when you are feeling discomfort between your shoulder blades or preventing back tightness or stiffness


Durable and comfortable, this brace offers superior ankle stability. Patented stabilising straps 'lock the heel'. Helps treat injured ankles and helps prevent injury. Unique stabilising straps.
Circular pad for extra pressure on the muscle in the arm or wrist. Adjustable hook and loop strap for greater tension if needed. Relieves pain from strained muscles in the forearm.
Specially shaped silicone insert for extra pressure on the patella. Adjustable hook and loop strap allows you to apply greater tension if needed. Minimises potential for future injuries.
Excellent aid for correcting poor posture and shoulder slump. Adjustable hook and loop closure facilitates proper fit.

Pilates Exercises

Balance balls are used in many exercise routines. It is very beneficial especially if you want to strengthen your back and your stomach muscles.
Gripperz socks have rubber dots running across the base of the foot to ensure superior gripping on slippery floors and equipment. Gripperz improve hygiene by keeping your mats, equipment and exercise area cleaner and more hygenic by absorbing perspiration and ensuring dirty feet never come into direct contact with equipment.


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